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Custom Made Gowns
It is important to check the quality and details of your gown
(buttons, seams, zippers, pearls, lace, sequins). Quality also
plays a factor in the price. Some gown manufacturers, for
example, glue on the sequins, pearls and lace. These gowns tend
to be less expensive than those that were sewn on by hand.
If you would like to design a unique wedding gown or you just cannot find the
gown you like, consider having one custom made. Before you commit to having a gown
custom made, try on various styles and fabrics. You want to make sure the style you have
chosen meets your expectations.
Allow at least 6 months for the time to make the dress and to have fittings and/or alterations.
Choose a dressmaker who specializes in creating wedding gowns and provide them with
pictures of similar style gowns you like. Next, ask to see previous samples and ask for
references. Lastly, get everything in writing so there are no misunderstandings (total cost of
fabric, lace, pearls - cost of labor, deadline, deposit, cancellation policy).
You probably will have two to four fittings depending upon the dress you have chosen.
Schedule your first fitting about two months prior to your wedding date. Bring similar
undergarments (slip, bra...) and shoes that you will wear on your wedding day. This will avoid
any miscalculations. Take a picture of your dress during your fitting, this may help you match
your accessories.
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