Rochester Brides & Grooms May - November 2017 Issue #51 - Page 101

T uxedos & K ilts / A ccessories 4. Your salesperson is important. They should be knowledgeable in formal wear, friendly and courteous, and able to provide you with suggestions as to how you can coordinate your wedding party. Because you are setting up an account with this company, you will have to deal with this person on a number of occasions. Make sure you have the confidence in them to be able to do that. 5. Serviceability is also an important factor to consider. For example, if a last minute problem should occur, what can your tuxedo provider do to accommodate you? Do they have an alterations specialist available for last minute alterations? Is there warehouse facility easily accessible? 6. How do they handle out of town attendants? 7. When do you schedule fittings? Are alterations included in price? 8. Are accessories included in the price (studs, shoes, vest, cuff links)? 9. What is your pick-up and return policy? Late fees? Damage fees? Price could also be a factor for you, but to coin an old cliche, “you get what you pay for”, and it is not always wise to sacrifice price for good service. It is possible to get a good product and good service, without paying top dollar, if you shop wisely, reserve your formal wear early, and ask the right questions. p ho May - November 2017 • t o : b y l o r ia 99