Rochester Brides & Grooms Issue 52 November 2017 - May 2018 - Page 99

S howers / R ehearsal D inner Showers & Rehearsal Dinners W hile it’s important to throw a shower and rehearsal dinner that meets your personal standards, it’s also crucial to keep your guests in mind. Regardless of what you settle on, the end goal is to find a balance between your style of celebration and theirs. This applies to decorations, party activities, event setting, and the general atmosphere. You want to create an atmosphere of mutual support and abundance, which will make you and your guests comfortable and in high spirits. After all, a pleasant shower and rehearsal dinner prepares you, your wedding party, and your guests for a truly magical event. Mainly, you should keep communication open prior to the events, so that everyone can express themselves regarding activities and offer creative input. You should also keep in mind that some people may require special seating or food accommodations, which should have priority. Remember, though, that these are your events - to celebrate you and your significant other. When it comes to smaller or more extravagant details, go with what you want and what feels right to you. As long as it’s comfortable and authentically “you”, both you and your guests will be pleased. to November - May 2018 • by : J M SW e d d i n g s .c om 99