Rochester Brides & Grooms Issue 52 November 2017 - May 2018 - Page 89

R eceptions 31. How will the room be set up and decorated (head-table, parents table, cake table, sweets table, coffee bar, receiving line, music area...? 32. What does the reception site provide (centerpieces, candles...)? 33. What color linens are available? Can you Set-Up/ get other colors? Is there a charge? Decorations/ 34. Is there table skirting for the head-table, cake table, gift table...? Music 35. How many people can be seated at the head-table? 36. Is the room well heated or air-conditioned? 37. Is there a visible or secure place for gifts and the money box? 38. When can favors be delivered and will they be secured? 39. Are there any restrictions on decorations, flowers, music, photography...? 40. When can decorators, band, and/or DJ set-up? 41. Is there a dance floor? What is the capacity? 42. How much room do you allow for a band and/or DJ to setup? 43. How many electrical outlets are there for musicians...? 44. If I don’t have a DJ or band is background or recorded music provided? Continued on Page 90 November - May 2018 • 89