Rochester Brides & Grooms Issue 52 November 2017 - May 2018 - Page 72

P hotographers Continued from Page 71 Research You could get recommendations from your friends and family who have used photographers recently, or get some help from this guide provided. No matter what you hear through word-of-mouth, the most important way to pick a photographer is to check out their albums of previous work online.  Take note of their photography style.  Be sure that images are in focus.  You may prefer an artistic style with editing effects or something more simplistic.  Look at the overall aesthetic of the photos to see their consistent look. The Meeting Despite however talented a photographer may be, it is so important to make sure your personalities mesh.  You will be working together on a very special day and spending a majority of your day with this person. We recommend you make appointments with two to three photographers and review their portfolios to determine if their style matches what you want. Treat this meeting as an interview, and bring along some of the questions listed below: 1. How long have you been in the photography business? 2 . How long have you been photographing weddings? 3. How many photos will you take? 4. What photos will be taken? 5. Do you have packages? 6. When will you arrive at my wedding? 7. When will you leave? 8. Do you have a second shooter with you? 9. Are there any extra fees? 10. What printing options or albums do you have available? 11. How long after the wedding do you keep the files? 12. How are these files stored? 72 Rochester Brides & Grooms