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Wedding Invitations

Its party time ! After all of the effort you put into planning your wedding you deserve to have the best time possible on your honeymoon . The following suggestions can help ensure that you get the most out of your honeymoon .
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When your guests receive your wedding invitation they will immediately know the style and mood of your wedding day . Because of their importance and expense , choose your invitations carefully . Look at several styles and colors which are available at most printing shops or personal businesses that specialize in wedding invitations ( see the invitation businesses in this section ).
Who to Invite
Sending a wedding invitation to a family member or friend is a sign of affection and respect . It also conveys your desire to make that person feel good about participating in your joyous occasion . You may want to prepare two lists - make one your first priority and the other your second priority . In your first priority list include both immediate families , attendants , spouses , fiancés or special escorts of the attendants , both sets of godparents if they ’ re close to you , your clergyman and their spouse . Your second priority list should include distant relatives and family friends , parents or siblings closest to you or your attendants , your bosses , best friends , close work associates , close leisure associates , close former teacher , close business associates of both sets of parents , doctor , lawyer and their spouses .
Formal or Informal Invitations
Formal invitations are engraved with black ink on heavy ivory or white paper . These are often kept as mementos of the wedding and are usually handsome and luxurious . Less formal invitations are done in a variety of creative ways . Some send handwritten notes in black ink on good quality white or ivory paper . Others print text on good quality stationery available in a variety of color stocks and inks . Perhaps you may want to include an illustration or photo with your invitation .
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