Rochester Brides & Grooms Issue 52 November 2017 - May 2018 - Page 32

C atering A Catered Affair Y our wedding is a time to celebrate with good food, good drinks, and good company. A caterer normally is used when you are planning a function that is outdoors, at a site that does not serve food or have adequate facilities, or when you just want to kick back and enjoy the day. It is highly recommended to use a professional caterer rin for your reception verses doing it yourself. You do not want to create de n a i p h o t o .l or additional stress on your wedding day by having to worry about the food, by: w w w beverage and setup. Leave the catering up to the professionals. A professional caterer will take care of most of your reception needs. They will help you plan a perfect menu within your budget, do all the food and beverage shopping, prepare the food, beautifully display the food and beverages, and clean-up afterwards. 32 Rochester Brides & Grooms