Rochester Brides & Grooms Issue 52 November 2017 - May 2018 - Page 30

C akes & D esserts p hoto by: Ro b in Your Wedding Cake F o g hy. ap S ince the days of the Roman empire, the wedding cake has been a ritual and a symbol of the couple's willingness to share each others household from then on. Traditionally, it is a white cake with white buttercream frosting. You may, however, choose other flavors such as chocolate, carrot, rum, fudge, white chocolate, lemon or cheese cake. Choose fillings that complement the cake flavor. Cakes may be decorated with fresh and silk flowers, delicate colorful frosting flowers and borders, mini- figurines, glass or crystal toppers. 30 Typically the wedding cake sits on a skirted table which is wheeled into the center of the room when the couple cuts the cake. They place each of their right hands over one another and cut the first slice, which they share. The rest is cut and served to guests. Don’t forget to save and freeze the top cake layer to share on your first anniversary. Your baker can advise you on wrapping and freezing the top layer. Select your baker three to six months in advance of your wedding. See bakers in this section for recom mendations. When you meet with your baker, describe your wedding, number of guests, location and time of the reception. Look at photos of specially made cakes and ask to taste samples if possible. Order your cake m co one month in advance and request a receipt describing the type of cake you have ordered, filling, icing, style, and color of decorations. Rochester Brides & Grooms