Rochester Brides & Grooms Issue 52 November 2017 - May 2018 - Page 19

A ttire Shopping for Your Wedding Gown by Colleen Mengel , alteration specialist at Jill Bates Fashion W ith the advent of media programs such as Say Yes to the Dress, h o t My Fair Wedding and I Found the Gown, to name just a few, designers have gotten more elaborate and, dare we say it, more outlandish in their designs. As seamstresses working in Rochester NY, we are seeing a greater influx of the more elaborate and over-the-top gowns with design details not meant to be worn off the runway. These are not wedding gowns in the traditional sense of the word; they are showcases for designers. We know that we can’t stem the tide of these designs coming out of NYC as more and more bridal publications and gown shops are featuring them. There is also the internet with its unending source of inspiration. So, keeping that in mind, we simply want to present a few Fo xP ideas to future brides to ensure them a “seamless” gown-shopping ho to g experience, one without the additional sticker shock of alterations ra p hy .c o m once a gown is purchased and cannot be returned. Because we know from experience, those runway gowns are not going to fit every woman quite the same way as they do the models - and as seamstresses, while we may problem-solve many fashion related issues, we can not transform bodies. Choose your seamstress first If you ordinarily do not require the services of a seamstress, line up 2 or 3 to speak with. Make sure they are very comfortable working with wedding and formal attire and the special consideration those fabrics require. Continued on Page 21 November - May 2018 • 19