Rochester Brides & Grooms Issue 52 November 2017 - May 2018 - Page 105

V ideo How do they handle about copyrights? Will you have the ability to make duplicates of their work? How long will the video be? What equipment do they use, and how many videographers will they send to your wedding? Are they willing to travel, and/or go to more than one location? How long you can expect production to take? The list goes on, depending on what you com are looking for, but answers to questions like these are critical rin. dE n to find out up front. ria Lo You will likely find that prices vary—sometimes y: significantly—but what matters most is working with someone you feel you can trust. You’ll want to work with a professional who will listen to you and your partner, who understands your vision, and of course, whose price fits within your budget. While finding the right videographer may be a process—and yet another item to add to your wedding planning to-do list—you’ll be happy you took the time do it the right way. Especially when you are snuggled up with your honey reliving all of the incredible moments of your wedding day, for years to come. November - May 2018 • 105