Rochester Brides & Grooms Issue 52 November 2017 - May 2018 - Page 101

T axes Marriage and Taxes Y ou’ve only just begun! Once the planning for the big day is over, you enter the next phrase of planning…for the rest of your life together. In today’s challenged economic environment, newlyweds need to plan for the possibility of long stretches of unemployment, tax increases and planning for your family’s financial future. The importance of establishing a relationship with qualified tax professionals is a necessity that should not be overlooked. Marriage brings changes in a person’s tax and in financial situation. Tax return filing is more complex and brings M ar with it many stressful questions that need complete and accurate i ep h o to answers. Home purchases, mortgages, retirement plans and saving for .co m a child’s education need the guidance of an accounting firm with a proven track record. Look for a firm that provides a staff that is dedicated to helping newlyweds just starting out to CEO’s of some of Rochester’s most prestigious corporations with their tax planning. That perfect firm will want to help you with your taxing questions. November - May 2018 • 101