RMI and Whittaker Mountaineering Gear Guides Rainier Four Day Summit Climb - Page 8

Helmet A UIAA (Union Internationale des Associations d’Alpinisme) or CE (European Committee for Standardization) certified climbing helmet. Bicycle or ski helmets are designed for a different type of impact and will not substitute as a climbing helmet.\r\n\r\nHelmet Fit Your helmet should fit comfortably with and without a hat. It should be tight enough that it won\'t slide around when you move your head, but not so tight that it creates uncomfortable pressure. The helmet should sit much like a regular hat: directly on top of your head with the front just above your brow. A good fit will not allow the helmet to slide back on your head and leave your forehead exposed. \r\n\r\nLocking Carabiner You will need one triple action locking carabiner used for clipping into the climbing rope. \r\n\r\nTriple Action Carabiner A triple action carabiner is a locking carabiner that requires three steps to open: 1) lifting the lock, 2) twisting the lock, and 3) pushing the gate open. It then \"auto-locks\" when the gate is released. The three-step to open and auto-locking to close actions make them safer than standard screwgate locking carabiners as they are unlikely to inadvertantly move to the open position during the climb. For this reason, we require that all climbers use a triple action locking carabiner to tie into the rope on our climbs.\r\n