RMI and Whittaker Mountaineering Gear Guides Rainier Five Day Summit Climb - Page 9

Trekking Poles Lightweight and collapsible poles are recommended. Larger baskets work well with deep snow. Ski poles will also work.\r\n\r\nTrekking Poles on Rainier Trekking poles help balance and stabilize a heavy pack on the ascent to Camp Muir. They also help take some stress off of the knees during the descent.\r\n\r\nAvalanche Transceiver If you own a transceiver, bring it and we will ensure it is appropriate for the climb and up to standards. If you rent one, it can be picked up during the Pre-trip Orientation and introduced during the Mountaineering Day School. These will be worn on the upper mountain during our Summit Climb.\r\n\r\nThe Purpose of a Transceiver When climbing Rainier we will be traveling through avalanche terrain. All RMI climbers and guides wear avalanche transceivers for safety. The transceiver is worn in its harness, over the baselayer top, but underneath all other upper body layers. We will put the transceivers on at the beginning of the summit day and leave them on until we get back to Camp Muir. \r\n