RMI and Whittaker Mountaineering Gear Guides Rainier Five Day Kautz Glacier Climb - Page 5

Sleeping Bag & Stuff Sack We recommend a bag rated between 0° and 20° F. Both down and synthetic work well. Carrying Your Sleeping Bag Your sleeping bag will be stuffed in a compression stuff sack. A slightly larger stuff sack allows you to easily stuff your sleeping bag and perhaps also add your down jacket or extra layers, buying you a little more space in your pack. You can line your stuff sack with a garbage bag to waterproof it. Sleeping en Route RMI uses high quality, four-season mountaineering tents, and two camps – a low camp and a high camp – on this route. We typically sleep two people to a 3-person tent, allowing for a comfortable sleeping arrangement. arrangement. Sleeping Pad Inflatable pads tend to be more comfortable, but they can be punctured. A full length pad insulates you from the ground far better than a 3/4 length.