RMI and Whittaker Mountaineering Gear Guides Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari Gear Guide - Page 3

Table of Contents

2. Welcome

3. Table of Contents

4. Pack & Bag: Backpacks and Duffel Bags

5. Pack & Bag: Sleeping Bags, Stuff Sacks and Sleeping Pads

6. Technical Gear: Trekking Poles and Headlamps

7. Head: Glacier Glasses

8. Head: Hats

9. Hands: Glove System

10. Feet: Trekking Boots and Shoes

11. Feet: Gaiters and Socks

12. Upper Body: General Layering

13. Upper Body: Baselayers

14. Upper Body: Light and Medium Insulation

15. Upper Body: Hard Shells and Parkas

16. Lower Body: General Layering, Underwear and Baselayers

17. Lower Body: Climbing Pants and Hard Shell Pants

18. Hiking Clothing

19. Safari and Casual Clothing

20. Accessories

21. Rentals and Meals

These blue boxes contain helpful information including images, tips, and videos from our guides about the Kilimanjaro Climb and Safari.