Risk & Business Magazine Reider Insurance Fall 2015 - Page 6

R & Reider Insurance B A Brokerage Half Century in the Making BY: ALEX MANESS, RISK & BUSINESS INTERVIEW WITH SHALE REIDER, PRESIDENT, REIDER INSURANCE R eider Insurance is celebrating fifty years of professional brokerage services for their clients. As one of the highly recognized names in Manitoba insurance industry, they strive to not only build on what they have done in the past but also to innovate and push the boundaries of what they are able to do for their clients. The way that they operate, with an open and honest approach to every business decision, and the integrity that they bring to the table, they are everything you could want for in a brokerage. The inception of Reider Insurance came about when it was founded by Morley Reider in 1966. Since then, the company has grown to seven offices (soon to be eight) and one of the largest brokerages in Manitoba. The second generation of the Reider family, Ronald, Ray and Shale, all joined the firm between 1989 and 1996. Each of them, individually, worked part time in the business when they were still in school. Having grown up in the business, it should come as no surprise that they took to it quickly and began to grow in their roles at the company. In 1997, they became the owners of the company. With two offices at the time, the brokerage was ripe to grow and, under their leadership, it began to grow quickly. Expanding first to a third office 6 and then to a fourth, fifth, sixth and seventh and soon to be eighth, the sky is the limit for Reider Insurance. They attribute much of their success, however, to a few key factors which played an important role in bringing the company to where it is today. The first is their ability to not only hire professional staff, but to retain them. Ray Reider says “We have been very lucky to have such a great staff and that they share our vision to be the industry leader in our service offering and in our commitment to clients coming first.” The second is to encourage continuing education for their staff and to invest in their self-improvement and growth. By far, one of the most important decisions that the business made was to put a key focus on commercial insurance, which is one of the companies’ fastest growing sectors. Covering large corporations, medium and small businesses, the brokerage helps their clients to mitigate their risk. This has also included the establishment of Reider Corporate Insurance Solutions, which is a division of the company specializing in handing corporate accounts. This division provides a centralized team of specialists, in order to provide clients with commercial insurance expertise. They provide professional insurance solutions for offices, contractors, retailers, wholesalers, manufacturers, garages, RISK & BUSINESS MAGAZINETM FALL 2015 truck fleets, property owners, specialized programs, bonding and liability. Ronald Reider says “Insurance is very complex and we help people by making sure that they have the right coverage. Many people spend more time researching and buying a cellular phone then they do on insurance. Clients need to have good sound advice and this is what we specialize in.” Ultimately, Reider Insurance is looking forward to another fifty years of doing what it has always done: put the big decisions into the hands of the consumers that they work with. While customer service has always been part of the culture, growing the company has also meant having to innovate and Reider Insurance has invested in order to have some of the most sophisticated computer systems and processes. Shale Reider says “When I first started in the business, we wrote everything out by hand. A person would come in to insure a car and we would pull out a rate manual and work it out and then write an application by hand. Nowadays, everything is automated and our computer can do an Autopac quote or issue a policy instantly for the customer. When it comes to home insurance quotes, our system can provide a quote with every insurance company we deal with and this allows us to ensure that the customer gets the best policy. Having a computer system providing quotes is a very important piece of the puzzle, as customers are very concerned about getting the best price. However, understanding the differences between the products and recommending the best product ends up being very different depending on each client’s needs and this is where expert knowledge is necessary.” At Reider Insurance, their goal is to protect clients by ensuring that they not only have a competitive price, but complete coverage, and to ensure that there are no existing gaps in coverage.