Risk & Business Magazine Reider Insurance Fall 2015 - Page 5

welcome to R&B 16 Rob Follows The Importance of True Life Planning We All Have Mountains To Climb CONTENTS Letter from the Owner 5 What’s going on at Reider Insurance 6 Reider Insurance 7 Competitive Advantage 9 A Brokerage Half Century in the Making Juggling Six Balls Save Time With Tools 12 Revenue From Recurring Resources 14 Retaining Your High Performers 20 Don’t Let “Price” Derail Your Sale 22 Financing Growth 24 Questions Savvy Insurance Buyers May Want to Ask 25 Flood Insurance for Homeowners 26 Live an Extraordinary Life 28 Make Your Life Easier With Time Saving Innovations The Benefits of a Subscription-Based Business Practical Ways to Retaining Your Best Employees Avoiding Classic Mistakes Financing Early Stage Growth for Entrepreneurs Coming Changes Will Bring Better Coverage So Countless Others Will as a Result I am very excited to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of Reider Insurance. In this issue of the Reider Insurance Risk & Business Magazine, we are going to highlight our history, growth and success. Most important to that growth is our loyal and dedicated staff who work very hard to make Reider Insurance stand out amongst our competitors. The insurance industry in Manitoba and throughout Canada is changing significantly. Insurance brokers in Manitoba were predominantly made up of many small businesses that operated smaller one office brokerages. All of the owners worked in their businesses and most were very committed to serving customers and providing exceptional service. In my opinion these small brokerages will be extinct within the next five years. We continue to see a trend where these brokers retire, and sell their businesses to large corporations who have the ability to offer a wider product offerings, but have no idea how to provide customer service. These corporations include publicly traded companies who seem to only be concerned with how much money they make. Reider Insurance is a family owned, second generation business. We believe very strongly in enabling our staff to make the best decision for our clients. I am very proud that while we have grown our business, we have been able to keep this very imp