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to make searches instead of going to to the library and combing through a stack of reference books. For me, a video conferencing tool called Appear.In has been a great way to capture the sales value of being face-to-face, without all the travel time that used to be associated with it. Next, think of all the things you do daily, weekly, or monthly. How much of your time is spent devoted to completing all these tasks? Really ask yourself the tough questions, like, how am I doing this? Am I doing this the best possible way? How can I reduce the amount of time spent on this? What do I really want to be spending my time on? Take Facebook for example. Today, Americans spend an average of 40 minutes a day on the social network. That may seem like time spent on something that we didn’t need before. But when Mark Zuckerberg first invented Facebook, he had the ability to connect with friends on mind. Think about how much time you spent keeping up with your friends and staying up to date with them before Facebook. It may not be as obvious as the light bulb or the telephone, but Facebook is a time saving innovation, and an important tool in many people’s toolboxes. The commonality behind these kinds of tools is that they save time, our most precious resource. The final thing to do in building your toolbox is to find the tools to help make you more efficient. Social media takes up a huge part of my daily life, but my continued presence on it is vitally important to my business and my personal brand. My company’s product, Likeable Hub, is tailored to making managing social media easier and more efficient for small business owners. Using it, I now have lots more time to devote to other aspects of my business and life. By continually building our tool boxes, we become better, more efficient, and more innovative people. Once you really begin to examine your life, you will definitely find places where tools can help you. And once you realize you need something, it becomes natural to try and find a solution out there, whether you find it and implement it, or you make it yourself! Need an awesome social media tool for your business? Go to LikeableRB.com or call 646-798-0261 to learn more about Likeable Hub, the tool that automates social media for business. Dave Kerpen  is the the founder and CEO of Likeable Local, the cofounder  and Chairman of  Likeable Media, the NY Times Bestselling author of 3 books, the #1 LinkedIn Influencer of all time in pageviews, ahead of Bill Gates, Jack Welch, Mark Cuban and Barack Obama, and the proud father of Charlotte and Kate Kerpen. a comprehensive social media tool to help make Social Media Automated! G r o w Your Busi n e s s Wi th Li ke a bl e A n d : - R ea ch n ew cus t o mers l ookin g for yo u - Con n ect wit h cur ren t cus t o m e r s - Became a new-ag e bus i n es s c ustomer s l ov e - D riv e m ore referral c li en t s - I mp rov e your busi n es s v i s i bi l i ty *package options starting at $299/month Start growing your business today & EARN A FREE MONTH through Risk and Business. Go Bit.ly/LikeableRB.com or Call 877-675-4735 TO REDEEM. *B e sure to m e n tion th i s a d ! TM RISK & BUSINESS MAGAZINETM FALL 2015 13