Risk & Business Magazine Lovitt & Touché Fall 2015 - Page 5

16 Rob Follows The Importance of True Life Planning We All Have Mountains To Climb CONTENTS Message From the CEO 5 Lovitt & Touché News & Events 6 Impersonation Fraud 8 Competitive Advantage 9 Keep Up With What’s Happening It Could Happen to You! Juggling Six Balls Message from the CEO “Community” is a term that’s deeply intertwined in the Lovitt & Touché culture and operations. We are extremely proud of the community we’ve created internally, we strive to serve our community of clients in the most ethical manner possible, and we consider it part of our core principles and mission to support the greater charitable communities that really keep our cities and neighborhoods afloat with their generosity and service. Lovitt & Touché has served individuals and businesses around Arizona and the Southwest for more than 100 years. We’re humbled by this longevity, and we consider it both a responsibility and privilege to strengthen our connections with each community whenever possible. This publication is among our latest efforts to open the lines of communication and educate businesses about the insurance needs and trends that impact their short-term and long-term operations. Risk & Business will not only keep you in touch with recent happenings at Lovitt & Touché, but it will cover pertinent business issues, provide guidance on complex topics such as healthcare reform, and even showcase some of the nonprofit organizations we support, each of which make our larger community a better place to live, work and play. Save Time With Tools 12 Revenue From Recurring Resources 14 Retaining Your High Performers 20 Don’t Let “Price” Derail Your Sale 22 We are eager to hear your feedback about this inaugural issue. Please email us at info@lovitt-touche.com to let us know if you find the content valuable, and whether there are topics you would like us to cover in the future. Financing Growth 24 Sincerely, Valley of the Sun YMCA 26 Specialty Medicines 30 Intense Focus on Misclassification 31 Make Your Life Easier With Time-Saving Innovations The Ben Y