Risk & Business Magazine Lovitt & Touché Fall 2015 - Page 21

or younger qualify as Millennials, and in just a few years they will constitute the majority of employees. They are our future! So, managers HAVE to accommodate their high needs or end up hiring C Player Millennials. Brad: Sure, but to really jack up their loyalty and motivation write personal notes of congratulations or thanks to someone every week. Jack Welch (former CEO of General Electric) did this and recipients would be thrilled. R&B: So, what are some simple things managers can do to retain high performers? R&B: Since a lot of companies consider retaining high performers a big challenge, what big steps can they take? Brad: A lot! Managers can Google “salary surveys” and for a few bucks you can see if you’re paying people in their range. Then figure you need to pay high performers a bit more. Brad: Go after “Best Company to Work For” awards … not for the trophy but to become known as a company high performers love. Employees are all over the Internet these days and easily find out if your company attracts and holds onto high performers with an exciting vision, career progression, flex hours, or whatever. Ease up on rules so A Players feel they can soar a bit without having to conform to rigid rules. Google any of the high tech companies to see