Risk & Business Magazine Lovitt & Touché Fall 2015 - Page 19

What is Altruvest and how did you get involved? Another one of the life planning processes I suggest is making a list of everything you would want to do before you pass on. There is also a subsection to that of making a list of things that you want to look back on in your life and see that you’ve accomplished as you lie on your deathbed. The question would be, “If I were to lie on my deathbed, I’m going to look back and see…” A goal of mine that I set out many years ago was to create a charitable foundation that would help make the world a better place through breaking the cycles of poverty for many generations to come. That’s all types of poverty. When I sold my first business in 1992 with the goal of creating enough time and money to start this charitable foundation, the burning question became how do we help charities become bet \