Richmond Chamber of Commerce 2018 - Page 8

Sp ot lig ht TWINE Market & Design TWINE- a strong thread or string made stronger, by two or more threads coming together. In June of 2016, that simple concept opened it’s doors as TWINE Market & Design, a unique lifestyle boutique located in the heart of Downtown, Richmond, Kentucky. “We wanted to create something simple — a space for our customer to just relax, and unwind.”  One step inside, and you’ll instantly see Colleen Spencer’s vision for TWINE come to life. Layering an eff ortless collection of clothing, handcraft ed jewelry, signature gift s,  and interior  design, TWINE off ers more  than a shopping experience. Th ey off er community. TWINE Market & Design is located at 104 South Th ird Street, in Downtown Richmond, Kentucky. It is owned by Colleen & Stuart Spencer, with their daughters, Chloe and Hadley.  Call 859-534-3265 or fi nd them on Facebook and Instagram at @ twinemarketanddesign “From continuing education to community events, Th e Richmond Chamber of Commerce gives us an opportunity to connect with our visitors, neighbors, and fellow businesses. It is a wonderful resource for our community, and one that we’re proud to be a part of.”  Mother & Daughters Catering Let us be the fi rst to tell you that you can look no further. We are a full service, catering company that has the ability to support a variety of events. We are excited about the opportunity to work with you! Maudie Brewer and Brandi Bowles have been catering for over 25 years. Th ey have since added Brandi’s three daughters to the business. Th ey pride themselves on quality food with exceptional service. Th ey take personal interest in each client and event. Whether you are planning an elegant wedding, corporate function, company picnic or social event, they can turn your ideas into a one- of-a-kind event! Th ey provide a wide varity of services and event planning. Mother & Daughters Catering is a one-stop shop for all of your party needs with food services, DJ services and bar services too! T h e Rolling Bistro is a Mother and Daughters catering on wheels. With the Rolling Bistro we off er homecooked, high quality food in a convenient “on the go” environment. If you are interested in knowing where the Rolling Bistro may be next, or if you would like to ask if we can off er the Rolling Bistro in your area just give us a call or check us out on Facebook. We would love to do whatever we can to accommodate your needs! p) 859-200-1175 e) Apollo Pizza Apollo Pizza opened in Downtown Richmond in 1981 and was a carry-out and late-night delivery staple for 31 years until the unexpected passing of its owner in 2012. It closed for seven months, and nearly for good. New ownership reopened it in late 2012 and over the past fi ve years have turned it into a thriving community hub, expanding the original location fi ve times, adding a second location in Northern Madison County, and a spin-off restaurant in Estill County. A business that previously employed roughly ten people now counts more than 70 employees. Apollo is known for 8 Richmond Chamber of Commerce its handmade pizzas and a huge beer selection, but it’s also known for community involvement, generosity to local schools and teams, and its commitment to helping area charities. Th e little Richmond pizza shop that could has become one of the community’s most iconic businesses.