Richmond Chamber of Commerce 2018 - Page 50

Affi nity Programs Offi ce Depot Th e Offi ce Depot Discount Program off ers all Richmond Chamber members discounted savings on a variety of items. Th rough Offi ce Depot, you have access to over 30,000 items covering offi ce supplies, furniture, technology, cleaning and break room supplies, and print services. Orders placed online by 4:00 p.m. for in-stock items will ship next day via UPS. In addition to convenience, all orders over $50.00 have free shipping! Offi ce Depot Gives back a percentage of purchases to the Richmond Chamber, serving as a supportive additional non- dues revenue source. Th ere is no charge to participate in this program so contact the Chamber and start your savings today! Infi ntech Th e Richmond Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Infi ntech to bring its members lower fees for their credit card payment processing services. Approximately 99% of Infi ntech customers are already benefi ting from signifi cant savings. How much can your business save through this exclusive Chamber Member Benefi t Program? Contact Richmond Chamber Infi ntech partner, Aaron Lubbers at 859-816-7951 to fi nd out! Schooly Mitchell Schooley Mitchell would like to provide additional Profi t to your business. Th e Richmond Chamber can personally recommend them as the chamber has saved 44% on our communication expenses by using the expertise of Bill and Sue Wolsky. Th at is over $1,700 in the fi rst year! Th ere is absolutely No cost, No risk, and No investment on your part from having Bill and Sue review your communication expenses in order to make sure you have the correct services from the best vendors at the lowest market cost. In addition to saving your business money and time, Schooley Mitchell also donates $100 to the Richmond Chamber each time a chamber member participates in this program. Contact Bill and Sue at 859-499-0102 to see how much your business could save. 50 Richmond Chamber of Commerce