Richmond Chamber of Commerce 2018 - Page 46

Pregnancy Help Center Sarah Roof 227 W. Irvine St. Richmond, KY 40475 859-624-3942 Electronic Business Machines Denny Peck, Account Manager 1408 Versailles Rd. Lexington, KY 40504 859-233-0421, 859-281-6328 Project Read Brenda Thomas, Executive Director 2150 Lexington Rd. Ste. H Richmond, KY 40476-0061 859-623-4905 Keith Daniel & Associates Offi ce Furniture Solutions Keith Daniel 519 Hampton Way, Suite 2 Richmond, KY 40475 859-626-9820, 859-626-0770 keith@kdaoffi www.kdaoffi Richmond Teen Center Georgia Parks 325 North Estill Ave. Richmond, KY 40475 859-358-3961 Special Olympics Kentucky Trish Mazzoni 105 Lakeview Court Frankfort, KY 40601 502-695-8222, 502-695-0496 800-633-7403 The Salvation Army Dakarai L.T. Darby 1675 E. Main St. Richmond, KY 40475 859-624-5826, 859-625-0520 United Way of the Bluegrass Carol Bates 100 Midland Avenue, Suite 300 Lexington, KY 40508 859-233-4461, 859-259-3397 Nursing Home/Physical Therapy Kenwood Health & Rehab Glenn Cox, Administrator 130 Meadowlark Drive Richmond, KY 40475 859-623-9472, 859-625-3064 Madison Health & Rehab Jennifer Arvin 131 Meadowlark Dr. Richmond, KY 40475 859-623-3564, 859-624-9358 Offi ce Equipment, Supplies and Technology American Business Systems, Inc. Scott Pohe P.O. Box 98 Morehead, KY 40351 800-228-7758, 606-784-7631 Danville Offi ce Equipment Scott Bottoms P.O. Box 1316 Danville, KY 40423 859-236-6618, 859-236-0304 800-633-0991 www.danvilleoffi Offi ce Depot Myla Broyles, Store Manager 859 Eastern Bypass Richmond, KY 40475 859-623-3231, 859-623-8439 ODS02658@Offi https://business.offi Ophthalmologists- Optometrists-Opticians Douglas G. Owen, MD PSC Douglas G. Owen 312 Jason Drive Eastridge Plaza #2, Ste. 5 Richmond, KY 40475 859-623-5070, 859-623-2177 Parks White Hall State Historic Site Kathleen White, Park Manager 500 White Hall Shrine Road Richmond, KY 40475 859-623-9178, 859-626-8489 Past Chamber Presidents Pat Ballinger, Past President P.O. Box 219 Berea, KY 40403 859-986-6875 Jim Barnes, Past President P.O. Box 250 Richmond, KY 40476 859-623-1000 , 859-623-7618 David Benge, Past President 2110 Lexington Road Richmond, KY 40475 859-623-2243, 859-623-9228 Betsy Bohannon, Past President Richmond, KY 40475 Jo Helen Cobb, Past President 5153 South East Miles Grant Terrace Stuart, FL 34997-1853 Walt Ecton, Past President 127 South Third Street Richmond, KY 40475 859-624-2252 Myron Fisher, Past President 713 West Main Street Richmond, KY 40476-1390 859-626-4949, 859-626-8522 46 Richmond Chamber of Commerce Dr. Virgil Grant, Past President 2010 Catalpa Loop Richmond, KY 40475 859-624-9646, 859-624-4455 Larry Harrison, Past President P.O. Box 176 Waco, KY 40385 859-986-3175, 859-626-4445 Scott Johnson, Past President 350 W Main St Richmond, KY 40475 859-200-2429 Connie Lawson, Past President 920 Barnes Mill Road, Suite A Richmond, KY 40475 859-623-9427, 859-623-6332 Jim Leake, Past President P.O. Box 281 Richmond, KY 40476 859-623-1350 David McFaddin, Past President Coates 212 521 Lancaster Ave Richmond, KY 40475 859-622-1509, 859-623-5216 Adrienne Millett, MD, Past President 238 Geri Lane Richmond, KY 40475 859-623-2020 Pat Olds, Past President P.O. Box 1600 Richmond, KY 40476-1600 859-625-3299, 859-625-3535 Robert B. Geiger, Past Preside MHH[]BX[ۙ H KN  NKMN   NKMBL œ YXZ[ B\X[]K\\Y[M[\[X\H]BX[ۙ H B NKL M̌\X[]PXZ˘B[^[\\Y[[]\]H[[\X[ۙ H B NKMKL L  NKMKB B^[ \\[[˘B\\[[˘B[ܙH[ۈY[\\Y[ \XZ[Y]X[ۙ H B NKMKL̎BܚY[XY\]YY\˘B[ܙHKY[K\\Y[ ˈ MLX[ۙ H ͂ NKMMMY[ ][ܚYKB[^H\ܛY \\Y[ H]\Y]X[ۙ H B NKMMLM[^K\ܛY] BZXY[[\\Y[L []]BX[ۙ H B NKMLM L NKM MMLMZZP[[˘BH۞Y\\\Y[L HYY]X[ۙ H B NKMM BX\X\\\Y[Z\[۝]BX[ۙ H B NKMLL  NKMM̙XX\Y[XK]X\X[ۙ K\•۞H]Z\\\Y[M [[XH]BZ\ݚ[KH BL LLLL M ͋L ̂۞YHY[X[K]X\] \\Y[[]\]Hو[XKٙHHق[[B\[[[HZ[[“^[ۋH L L MB NKLMM K NKĽBL X\˝]ZKYB[[\\Y[LL\]]BX[ۙ M B^[[XZ[XZ˘B^[Y[ ܙY]\\[’SSP “X][Y^[Y[\[Y\܂ MH\\]KZ]H LL[[]K L M L K MKNLLBX] [Y[HX˘B˚[HX˘B\۝[x&\\Z]H[\۝[HZ[L͈ܝ\[][YBX[ۙ H KL  B NKM LM  NKMML͂[]Z\P[\\Z]KB˙[\\Z]KB[ZY\\Z]H \۝^HZ[ۙ\L Y[][YBX[ۙ H B NKMNM  NKMNL B^P[ZY\\˘B˜[ZY\\˘B]][BYHX\\H]\XH\Y[LHYX[ۙ H KL Ž NKMM K NKMMML\PYY[ B˜Y[X\ B[^H[\[BXH[^HX\KXH\Y[̌[BX[ۙ H ͋L  NKMM ̋ NKM ML XP[^[[ B\XXY\YYܘ\[Z[H\XXB[H[]\\Y[ ۙ\N ^[ۈY Z]H BX[ۙ H B NKM NMM NKM NLNBYYܘ\٘[Z[\\XXPXZ[ BXY\ۈY’[\LLY[]BX[ۙ H B NKM LMMK NKM LMB\\ɜ[\Y˘B^\X^x&\[\H\XXB\^HX^K\XX\ ۙ\[BX[ۙ H B NKMM M NKMKM NX^\\XXPXZ[ BX\[^[Y[\[\\^H[ۋ[[܈XY\܂L ؘ][ۈZ\ݚ[KH Ž LNN LNNNB\^K[ېKZ˘BX\[^[Y[\[\˘HX[ۙY\[B\YH]BL H\XHX[ۙ H B NKNM̋ML  NKLLML ͂X[ۙY\[PXZ[ B˜X[ۙY\[KB\ۘ[\H\X\HYYX[HBY[BX\XZ[Y]X[ۙ H B NKMNL  NKMNL BZ[[ۈ[[܈][وX[ۙ\XHYK^X]]H\X܂ Y\YX[^BX[ۙ H B NKLLM•[SZ[[۔X[ۙ BZ[[۔X[ۙ B\ۘ[Z[[‘[[ZX\[ H\ۘ[Z[[¸$Y[’\[Y ۙ\Z[\M[Y\X[]BX[ۙ H BL LMMM\[[[ZX\\[˘Bܘ\\’[ܙX][ۜ’[H[\H[ŒL HY[[X[ۙ H B NKMN L͎  NKML B[ܙX][ۜXZ[ B˚[ܙX][ۜ˝\’[x&\ܙX][ۜܘ\K’[HYY^ۙ\L L[H[BX[ۙ H B NKL LL š[\ܚX][ۜ]KB˚[\ܙX][ۜܘ\K