Richmond Chamber of Commerce 2018 - Page 16

Madison County Business & Education Partnership If you are an educator searching for ways to connect your classroom to the real world of work, or a business person seeking to impact the preparation of Madison County’s workforce, the Madison County Business and Education Partnership committee (MCBEP) is the place for you! Th is committee, which regularly meets at 8:30 a.m. the fourth Th ursday of each month at the Richmond Chamber of Commerce, is comprised of leaders from local businesses, industry, government, PreK-12 and higher education with the following goals: • To maintain or improve current business and education collaborations in Madison County as well as create and implement new partnership initiatives • To encourage our best and brightest youth to become contributing adult members of the community by connecting them to a variety of career opportunities • To develop the best workforce possible by providing innovative educational and career training programs for students and adults. MCBEP’s work year is closely aligned to that of the local education institutions with the majority of projects being implemented between August and June. We host two events each year; MCBEP Career Fair and MCBEP Reality Store. Every high school Junior in Madison County is invited to participate in the MCBEP Career Fair where we off er sessions over the course of four hours, where students focus their attention on the career clusters recognized by the Kentucky Offi ce of Career and Technical Education. During the event, each student attends “Achieve a higher financial altude because financial intelligence pays off.” Michael E. Osborne President Office: 859-353-5664 Cell: 480-586-0742 172 Gleneagles Blvd., Richmond, KY 16 Richmond Chamber of Commerce three previously selected panels of his or her choice, learning about a wide variety of careers from professionals representing a multitude of options. Reality Store is an annual project for all eighth grader students in Madison County. Th is initiative places students in a real-life simulation where the relevancy of prior instruction about saving, spending and making wise choices becomes all too real. Th e day of the event students enter a room full of booths, manned by local business professionals; bearing such titles as grocery, transportation, clothing, insurance, vehicles, technology, entertainment and childcare. Th e object of this initiative is for each student to visit every booth while making decisions based upon his/her monthly income, which is pre-determined by utilizing each student’s current GPA to select a career. Th e ultimate goal is to have each student make a connection between education, career and income. Want to make a diff erence? MCBEP has a volunteer opportunity for you! JOSH TIPTON 5009 Atwood Dr. (859) 625-0409