RHK Magazine Issue#147 APR.15.2018 - Page 44

About the


All my life I was interested in art, photography, fashion.

I'm inspired by painting, sculpture. I was brought up on the works of artists of the mid-19th and early 20th centuries, such as K.Bryullov, V.Vasnetsov, I.Repin.

I also derive great inspiration from shooting beautiful women. Yes, I know how corny it sounds. But I honestly cannot think of something more exciting.

Fashion and art are my favorite genres ultimately. In my works I do my best to create deep, meaningful images framed by fine aesthetics.

My works were published in more than 40+ different magazines (like 7HUES Magazine, Afi Magazine, BeauNU Magazine, DNG Photo Magazine, Elegance Magazine, Elléments Magazine, EnVie Magazine, FCM Magazine, Implied Magazine, Normal Magazine, Northside Magazine, Playboy Russia, PUMP Magazine, SALYSÉ Magazine, Solis Magazine, Surreal Beauty Magazine, Volant Magazine).

Alexey Martynov