RHK Magazine Issue#147 APR.15.2018 - Page 31

Shannon Lee


Chicago, IL



Facebook: shannonleemodels


Shannon Lee


Rick Ritz

Sexiest Feature?

I hear that the sexiest parts of my body are my eyes, legs and lips.

When I was a young, I was very interested in acting and participated in a number of school plays. I enjoyed the idea of taking on another character different from what I experienced in my everyday life.

Many years later, after filing for divorce following 14 years of marriage and with having seven children, I needed to discover who I was as an individual and decide what to do outside of the home with my life and for my children. I went to an over-30-year-old model casting held by Wilhelmina which I did not win but it opened up my mind to the possibility of getting involved with modeling. Modeling had been suggested to me by people here and there throughout my life but was never anything I seriously considered pursuing except in recent years.

When I was approached by a photographer at a 4th of July festival in my town asking to shoot me, I said ok and doors started opening for me. Since then, I’ve done numerous shoots for print and promotional work and worked several fashion shows. In addition, I have made many local TV news and variety show appearances and have acted in several small movie roles and local TV commercials.