RHK Magazine Issue#147 APR.15.2018 - Page 24

I also began to do special FX make-up (mainly gore or horror effects) which led me to great opportunities and offers!

NM. Sexy and smart… what classes did you have honors in?

Leslie. Thank you! All my classes were honors besides the extra classes, obviously, like P.E and Art class etc.

NM. What class did you graduate?

Leslie. I graduated class of 2011!

NM. What do you hope to accomplish in the modeling industry?

Leslie. Honestly, I want to make it as far as possible. I am taking the best opportunities I can and working with the best photographers I can work with to see just how far I can go, but I know I can make it far as long as I stick to it and work hard. The modeling industry is so difficult now, especially since social media takes over everything now… but I'm willing to push through and see just how far I can go. I have the ambition, so it's a matter of putting it to work.

NM. Do you have any limitations as a model? What would you do and what wouldn't you do?

Leslie. My limitations would be nudes. I would not shoot nudes unless it was some form of art that doesn't fully show everything. I am always open to ideas the photographers suggest or want to work on. So I'm more than willing to see if I'm comfortable with certain shoots.