RHK Magazine Issue#147 APR.15.2018 - Page 21

NM. Hello Leslie, RHK is so pleased to work with you. We welcome you into our magazine company. How long have you been modeling for?

Leslie. I have been modeling for a little over 3 months! I haven't been doing it for long, but when I did start, it picked up super fast.

NM. Amazing, what made you decide to start getting into modeling?

Leslie. Well, it so happened a photographer, Jonathan Castellanos, messaged me asking me to shoot because I had a "great look." I told him "no" at first but he encouraged me to give it a try even if I never modeled before. Jonathan was super kind and encouraging for me to give it a try, so I did. That's how it all started. Thanks to him it has opened a great new chapter in my life.

NM. He sounds very inspirational, have you ever been in a published magazine before?

Leslie. I haven't been in a magazine before. I have been offered but never took the opportunity. I wanted a bit more experience before I was published in one.

NM. Who are some photographers that you have worked with?

Leslie: I have worked with many amazing photographers. Jonathan Castellanos, Ari Perez, Dwight Smalls, George (TopNotch photography) , Kamal Salmon, Lizbeth Cruz, Savana Rose, Kevin Max, and so much more.

NM. What other hobbies do you have?

Leslie. As for hobbies I have, I absolutely love doing make-up, Special FX make-up, and puzzles. If I am doing a puzzle, I love the difficult ones that have a lot of pieces.

NM. Wow, I've noticed your make up is always on point… now I know why. Any specific name brand make-up that you love the most?

Leslie. I love a ton of different make-up brands but a big one of mine is Urban Decay and Smashbox!

NM. Is there any celebrity model that has inspired you?

Leslie. There are a few people that inspire me because of their "look and style." For sure Kim Kardashian's style and Kylie Jenner style is perfection to me. They have always captured great moments that are fashion, yet sexy, which I love. When it comes to an inspiring model, I love Gigi. She is amazing.

NM. Tell us about your education. Have you attended any fashion courses or are you self taught?

Leslie. Well I actually loved school. I graduated high school with honors. I attended Colonial High School, and I started college early which led to me earn my A.A degree by the age of 19. I was studying psychology. After my A.A degree I was beginning my Bachelors degree but decided to back out because I felt like life had more plans for me. I began Working in MAC Cosmetics and from there I became a freelance artist.