RHK Magazine Issue#108 JAN.22.2017 - Page 11

I started Bachelor Haus out of my own frustration with not being able to find furniture quickly and easily. Several years ago it came time for me to furnish my own apartment. It was an exciting time in my life, and I was looking forward to making my place really mine.

However, after a trip to a “big box store,” and then another where they sell Swedish meatballs next to sofas, I felt I wasn’t getting the help I really needed to create a stylish looking apartment.

My Saturday was spent looking for parking spaces, and dealing with sales associates who were really pushing me to make a purchase, rather than assisting me with finding furniture and accessories that complimented each other.

I left each store knowing there had to be an easier way for men to shop for furniture.

After looking through a lot of men’s and interior design magazines that highlighted items that cost more than my paycheck, it was clear that there was not a lot of direction for the average guy like me. That didn’t sit well with me and that’s why I decided to create Bachelor Haus.

My goal with Bachelor Haus is to make every guy King of his Castle. We have a team of interior decorators who have designed entire rooms with furniture and complimentary accessories. This makes it easy for men.

Only a click of a mouse and you can purchase a complete room set all at once that fits your style and budget. Shipping is always free!

Adam T. Acheson

Founder and CEO of Bachelor Haus