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lived independently prior to the surgery and hoped to continue to do so after her full

recovery. But prior to her surgery, Betty was feeling quite anxious and had several

concerns about how she would be able to manage her daily needs immediately

following her procedure. Betty talked candidly with her physician about her questions

and reservations. Her physician shared with us that, especially since Betty lived alone,

she really appreciated Betty’s specific questions about what to expect in the couple of

first weeks after her surgery. Betty asked for details regarding typical implications for

her mobility, function, pain control, and the amount of assistance she might need with

her wound care and dressing as well as using the bathroom and showering. Although

she had some limited family support, Betty was able to proactively plan additional

professional nursing assistance after more fully understanding and anticipating what

her needs would likely be during the first stages of her recovery process. Because she

had an open discussion with her medical team in advance of her surgery, Betty was

able to feel confident in her proactive planning for additional assistance in the first

weeks of her recovery.

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