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Meet Wendy K. Benson and Elizabeth A. Myers, Healthcare Authors and Entrepreneurs

How about another one? Here's another inside peek into the life of two inspiring experts. Wendy is an occupational therapist and healthcare executive who has led departments in various organizations and cares deeply about enhancing the health, well-being, and lives of others. Elizabeth is a Registered Nurse who founded 2x2

Health because she saw patients and families overwhelmed and not knowing where to turn or how to navigate through the complicated healthcare system.

Together, they have built and grown the 2x2 Health team to help navigate the complexity of healthcare, inspire confidence, and provide expert care and support. Let's hear more about their passion for the healthcare industry:

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~Share something you are passionate about:

We are passionate about helping those who may be feeling overwhelmed with their healthcare experiences. Our goal is to share what we have learned to help alleviate the pressure and help others understand what they can do to be more in control. We are sharing our knowledge and experience so that others can be empowered and feel more confident with their healthcare going forward. .

~What are some ways you are helping to bring this forward in the world?

We built and are continuing to expand our company, 2x2 Health to reach even more people. In addition to significantly helping patients and their families, we have created a work environment that health care professionals are motivated to work and collaborate with. There have been nurses who have retired from working on an inpatient hospital floor and nurses who became new moms who left the work place not seeing how they could work in a traditional environment. Based on our flexibility of schedules and

different ways we support others, we have been a place where nurses, and other medical professionals, seek to work. Care coordination and supporting others is the truest form of nursing and health care support. We are authoring this book to share our experiences, tools, and advice and they also have a monthly blog that educates others on various healthcare topics of interest and education.

~Describe something our readers today can look forward to discovering in your book:

The book is full of ‘aha’ moments both big and small. It will help them see their lives in a completely different and empowered way.

(I can’t wait for them to read it!)