RHG Magazine & TV Guide Spring 2019 - Page 61

Books We are Proud to be Publishing/Supporting

in 2019!

January 10th - Listeing to the Light: Love Letters From Walking with SpiritTM by Dr. Ruth Anderson. Transforming ways we interpret Life, Death, and our Soul's Existence.

January 17th - The Affordable Care Act Versus Small Business: Entrepreneurs Surviving ACA by Dr. Ivan Salaberrios. This book responds to the questions raised concerning whether ACA’s good intent increased its adaptability in the healthcare and business professions to help advance the lives of Americans.

January 24th - Trusting All I Want by Tim Sansone. Trusting All I Want is a women’s success novel set in contemporary Chicago during a whirlwind year

for Lana Delacroix, whose story is one of space, boundaries, provocative options, and painful choices that expose the risks and rewards of trusting fully in one’s desires

March 13th - Volume 1 - Beyond the Veil: Unmasking the Feminine by Nancy Tarr Hart, PhD. A journey that explores the ways in which the feminine voice has been

suppressed and carefully disguised in Western religious tradition in favor of the masculine, and illuminates the shadow that has been hovering beyond the veils of

patriarchal-based definitions and interpretations— God’s feminine Wisdom, God’s Spirit and Power and creative energy that vivifies all of creation. She suggests a spiritual paradigm shift in which all of humanity has a key role to play.

April 11th - The Refractive

Thinker (R) Vol XVI: Generations

Strategies for Managing Generations in the Work Force.compiled by Dr. Cheryl Lentz, The Academic Entrepreneur

April 17th - The LOVE@WORKTM Method: Four Steps to a Life of Inspired Purpose by Olivia Parr-Rud, Corporate Love Ambassador. Discover the steps to living a life of inspired purpose.

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