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One of Rebecca's heart passions is to help

bring forth people's messages and bring

them centerstage for the rest of the world

to hear. She does that by any and every

means available to her: TV, radio,

magazine, and BOOKS! Here are a few that

will be coming to the world very soon!!

Listed on the next pages, please find the dates and descriptions of our upcoming book

launches. Celebrate with each author/and

or publisher as they bring their powerful

book forward. Make sure to mark the

launch dates listed below on your

calendar! Each book will be released on

publishing date below on Amazon.

During the first 24-48 hours of its

release.....we will be running a special

best seller campaign where you will be

able to purchase this book for $1 USD!

Imagine what a powerful library you could build at those rates!!

Books Coming Soon to a Shelf Near You!!

Do you have a message to bring forth? Your book could join us too!

As you can see, RHG Media Productions has expanded its offerings to give support, encouragement, and help so that more and more people can be a part of a bestselling book launch. Maybe it's time for you to take the risk and join us.

What book is birthing within you? Do you have a message of impact that you want to share with others? Are you called to lead a book project that is collaborative? Maybe it would include multiple authors with hearts just like yours? Or maybe you want to launch out with your own book?

Maybe you just have an idea that tugs at the back of your mind. You can explore options and ideas with Rebecca by scheduling a complementary session today at: www.MeetWithRebecca.com.

Watch for our future editions for upcoming writing opportunities! RHG Media Productions is now accepting applicants on line for those of you who want to apply for one of our writing opportunities,! Go to: http://yourpurposedrivenpractice.com/writing-opportunities/