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~Share something you are passionate about:

I am passionate about helping people develop, grow and unleash their leadership skills everywhere in their lives. What lights me up the most about this kind of work is the impact that it allows me to have in the world. This work is meaningful and life changing both for me and the people around me. It is very rewarding to see people slowly transform and become the leaders they want to be in the world.

~What are some ways you are helping to

bring this forward in the world?

I bring this forward through the organizational coaching that we do as well as through

our training courses and leadership retreats that we offer. Through the coaching we

offer, we teach leaders how to lead from a place that is more systemic and that

embraces emergence instead of predicting

everything in advance. Through our

leadership retreats and training courses, we

help people become more conscious and

intentional leaders.

~What are 1-3 tips you can give our our

reader today to help them step forward in

their life powerfully?

As a leader, you need to be clear on your yore values and what your leadership is in service of. If you do not know yourself well, you also may not know why others are giving your permission to lead them. Another easy tip is take a moment to regularly ask yourself: “Would I choose to follow myself today?” If you would, that’s

cool, make note of why… If you would

not, that is cool too, make notes of what

you want to change. Then go out and do

it. Being an intentional and conscious

leader requires you to develop some self-

wareness. lesson, the gift in every


Seek support. We are social beings,

wired to bond. The support and

encouragement of our community makes a huge difference to our success. Alignment with the Law of Attraction, and how to heal first before attempting to master the Law of Attraction. Very often

Say "hello" to Steffan! He is an in-

demand consultant, leadership

development coach and corporate

trainer. He is the founder of Pyxis

Cultures, a nice consulting and training

company based in Montreal, Canada. At

Pyxis Cultures, Steffan believes in

contributing to a greater cause and

making a difference. They do this by

cultivating collaborative purposeful

organizations. Through their coaching,

training and leadership development

programs they make a real and meaningful difference in organizations. Let 's hear more

about his expertise and passions...

Meet Steffan Surdek,

President and consulting principal