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~Tell us about the mission of your work.

Among my key programs is the Destiny Women Global Leadership Program, VIP Coaching, Accelerate Group Coaching Program, Millionaire Mindset Coaching, Mentoring Program, and LeadershipTeam Coaching Program. My programs have been attributed to driving significant transformation at the personal and organizational level, measurable by exponential increases in confidence, clarity of direction, clarity of goals, clarity of purpose, goal attainment, and the increase of revenue.

~Share something you are passionate about:

My biggest "Why" is to see women transformed through renewed confidence in their ability to discover their purpose, believe in themselves and create the destiny they deserve. My vision is to see greatness in all women, even when they can't see it for themselves, to reveal their greatness and to empower them to realize their greatness!

~ What are some ways you are helping to bring this forward into the world?

I stay active bringing heart-centered leadership to my community, supporting women through Destiny Women Global’s Leadership programs, including community advocacy for young women through her Destiny Women Global Foundation and her Young Women’s Leadership Programs. I lead monthly women’s leadership workshops and quarterly women’s conferences. Leadership is influence and being mindful that we as leaders have the power to influence in a positive way, we can leave a legacy!

~Describe something our readers today can look forward to discovering in your book new book, Trusting All I Want:

My book explores and illustrates attachment theory (a psychological construct) through the four main characters, each of whom exhibits one of the four attachment styles or types, particularly toward the beginning of the story.

~Will you share a client success story?

In 2017, I had the privilege to represent a young woman whose

Meet Sonia Hassey- President And Founder of Destiny Women Global

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Here's another inside peek into the life of an influencer. Sonia Hassey is President and Founder of Women Inspired Network, Inc. and Destiny Women Global Leadership, a women’s transformational leadership program empowering thousands of women globally to become heart-driven leaders. Sonia is an exciting speaker whose motivating messages, full of enthusiasm

and heart, has been inspiring audiences for years. She is known as a woman who is on a mission to see others experience the greatness that is in all of us. Let's hear more about Sonia's vision and passion, as well as about her two 2019 book releases!