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For more information, Marlene Elizabeth can be reached at MONEYWINGS™

www.marleneelizabeth.com * marlene@marleneelizabeth.com * (909) 247-1127

unique needs so well, it ultimately resulted in the work I now do as a Certified Money Coach. "To thine own, self be true." Then the money will follow.

~Will you share a client success story?

The most profound and exciting success stories I have are with clients who discover the connection between abuse and trauma and the impact it has on their financial life. This awareness and understanding has created a new level of trust, especially in themselves. It’s unlocked creativity and joy they forgot they had to dream again and see possibilities once hidden. The weight of shame they've carried significantly dissolves and frees up their energy for self-love and self-care. All these dynamic, powerful shifts have created beautiful new world inside themselves to create income and experience their unique and empowering moneywings.

~What tip or piece of advice can you share with our reader today to empower them to SHINE?

Above all, remember that Change begins with choice. It begins with you. I encourage you to create a list of what is stopping you from allowing your financial success to unfold. Is it Fear? Is it lack a support system for your journey, could it be that you're relying on someone or some circumstance to save you, or maybe relying on someone to figure things out for you... is it that your work is not aligned with your values, strengths, skills or passion? The important thing is to be honest with yourself and write it down. Awareness is key.

~Any final thought, share, or idea that you would like to share with our readers today?

Gently and bravely take ownership of your choices, remembering you are not alone! Together, when we take responsibility for our financial life -- with compassion, forgiveness and determination -- we give ourselves the power to transform our financial circumstances and positively impact those around us. Now is the time to embrace your unique value and gifts that you have been given to experience the prosperity, peace and joy that you deserve. Now is the time to love MORE and fear LESS, as you unfold your feminine power to prosper!

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August 24th - Summer Star event To learn more and register to join us, go to http://yourpurposedrivenpractice.net!! This empowering and uplifting event will feature Rebecca Hall Gruyter and her line up of 4 dynamic speakers. Discover how to turn fun into a way of life that gets you better results!

August 31st ~ deadline for the October Spekaer Talent Search. Go to www.speakertalentsearch.com to learn more and apply!

November 17th - Mindful Holiday Magic. To learn more and register to join us, go to www.womensempowermentconferences.com!! Bring that holiday magical feeling into your life and business (not just during the holidays). This is one of our most powerful and highly attended workshops.