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~Share something you are passionate about:

I am passionate about helping others to identify their strengths, gifts and talents by way of Self-Discovery. My purpose is to demonstrate how pain can propel one to their purpose, by embracing my own pain.

~What are some ways you are helping to bring this forward in the world?

As a Suicide-Survivor and Sibling Survivor, I have been diagnosed with Major Depressive Disorder, PTSD and Anxiety. Having this diagnosis can be complicate to say the least. Each day when I open my eyes, I pray then fight forward in faith to stay in the light and not succumb to depression, in any shape form or fashion. It is very easy to become depressed, and easier to stay in it. However, as I am on my Self-Discovery Journey, I am learning new ways to cope with the day to day tasks and experiences.

~What are 1-3 tips you can give our

reader today to help them step forward

in their life powerfully?

1. Embrace your authenticity including

your imperfections. There is no other

person on this earth that has the gifts,

talents and purpose designed just for you.

2. Never be ashamed if you are depressed

or diagnosed with a mental health

challenge. Seek to become well by being under doctor’s care and on the road of

Self-Discovery is a Daily Journey. There is always something new to learn that will result in maturity.

Meet Vanessa D. Abram: Suicide Survivor and Mental Wellness Speaker

In each edition of the magazine, we'll give you chance to get to know a few of the movers and shakers that our bringing

their influence to bear on the world.

Consider it an inside peek into their lives,

if you will! We hope you enjoy this chance

to "meet" Vanessa Abram, MBA. Vanessa

started Self-Discovery: Pain, Positioning &

Purpose, Inc. to stop suicide and bring

awareness to mental illness, suicide

prevention and bullying through

workshops, conferences, and tours that will stop the stigma attached to mental illness and

promote healing. A Suicide-Survivor and Sibling-Survivor, Vanessa embraces her pain to

position others to prosper on their journey of Mental Wellness and Recovery. Let's hear a

bit more about Vanessa...

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