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Here's another inside peek into the life of a one of our authors and radio show guests! Marlene is an author, speaker, Certified Money Coach®, founder of MONEYWINGS™ and podcast host. Inspired by her own commitment to get smart about money so that shecould raise a money- smart daughter as a single, stay-at-home Mom, she officially

launched MONEYWINGS™ with Marlene in 2015. Today, she teaches creative, passionate, entrepreneurial women how to stop under-earning and start unfolding their beautiful financial potential one brave feather at a time because finances, at the core, are a spiritual matter. Let's hear a bit more from her...

Meet Marlene Elizabeth – Certified Money Coach®, Author and Mamapreneur

~Share something you are passionate about:

I'm passionate about helping single Moms experience their own moneywings! I once struggled between dreaming of making lots of money, yet in reality avoiding the things necessary to make that level of income, without understanding why. On the outside, everything looked great. But under the hood of my financial life lived my messy money story. Worst of all, I felt powerless to change it. Becoming a Mom late in life changed all of that. Because of my daughter, I learned how to grow moneywings so that I could not only be a stay-at-home working Mom but raise a money-smart daughter.

~What are some ways you are helping to bring this forward in the world?

Some of the ways that I'm help women financially step forward and shine is through my 1-Day MONEYWINGS™ Retreat, private money coaching packages (30 Day, 90 Day &

6 Months}, books, gift products and podcast... all packed with fresh tips, inspiring insights, ancient wisdom, and powerful strategies focused on financial self-care to thrive.

~~What are 1-3 tips you can give our reader today to help them step forward in their life powerfully??

Trust your intuition. This is especially important for us to do as women. I started my journey believing that the best way to learn about money was to read a $150 textbook on financial planning and management, mainly because I listened to others. Although it was an excellent practical resource, my highly creative side couldn’t connect or relate. Yet, following my intuition led me to a solution that fit my unique needs so well, it ultimately resulted in the work I now do as a Certified Money Coach. "To thine own, self be true." Then the money will follow.