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challenges. Tests revealed an interesting heart valve defect which we will now be monitoring; the urogynecologist scheduled me for major surgery in January. She noted that I would not be able to work full on for at least six weeks. Six weeks! That’s impossible! I have clients to serve, emails to answer,

programs to create, articles and a book to write – how can I do that?

Yet, the message was clear: If I wanted to thrive in 2019, I needed to stop, slow down and nurture myself.

What comes to mind as I write this is the recent story of Demarcus Cousins (Boogie), center/forward for the Golden State Warriors and an All-Star basketball player. He is back on the court, having recovered from a tear in his Achilles tendon. This could have been a career-ending injury. However, this man took the time, listened to his body, did the physical therapy necessary, and built himself back up to playing strength - all with grace, compassion, and patience. DeMarcus has impressed everyone with his comeback statistics, and he was willing to wait as long as needed to be that amazing basketball player once again. This is how you thrive!

Coming out of surgery, I had high expectations of what I could do. Was I ever wrong. The first two days, I slept all day. I awoke long enough for blood draws, vitals, etc. and then rolled over and back to sleep. Even the first day home, I went right to bed and slept! I can tell you it felt wonderful. Each day I try to do a little bit more, and my body definitely tells me yes or no, and I am listening. This is very hard for me, a Generator who responds to life like the Energizer Bunny. Yet, I am learning, and experiencing a whole new and different ME.

So, what have I named this year? “Awaken the Leader Within,” the year to do and to thrive! My vision is still very clear and embedded in my five senses. My launches are more reasonable: a 2-day event, Awaken the Leader, in April, a yearlong training program, Awaken the Leader Within, starting in June, and the publication of my book No One Stood Up When I Walked into the Room: One woman’s journey from COMMAND to true leadership, in October.

That’s it! Quite a change from 2018, right? This feels so right!

What does it take for a leader to truly lead INTO a position of strength – to thrive? As leaders, we are expected to be strong, clear-headed, clear-eyed, focused, and much more. At the same time, aren’t we also struggling with our own personal and professional growth journey? I know I am.

As leaders, we really do know our stuff, yet often we are afraid that it is not perfect; it is not enough. So we try to be even stronger, work harder, get more focused, give even more of ourselves to others. With only so many hours in a day, we often forget about taking time to breathe, for self-care, for giving ourselves space to rest and rejuvenate.

Leadership Lessons to help you thrive in 2019

STOP needing for your work to be perfect. This is the year to take your ideas out of the lab of experimentation and implement them. Refine and revise and then send it out again. The key to thriving is getting it out there.

Do what you do best, as there is no one else who does it the way you do. This is the year to rely on yourself and what you know; not just what your gurus and coaches tell you that you know, but what your inner wisdom and truth tell you is true.

Practice extreme self-care. If you don’t take care of your body, mind, and spirit, who else will? Take time in meditation and self-reflection. Take walks in nature or by bodies of water. Take time to unhook from computers, cell phones, and other digital devices. Take time for family, loved ones and friends. Take time to rejuvenate, relax, refresh.

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