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by: Rebecca Hall Gruyter, CEO of RHG

Media Productions and Founder/Owner of Your Purpose Driven Practice

This powerful column provides you an opportunity to ask Rebecca those visibility/media questions, business questions, money questions, leadership, speaker, personal growth, and empowerment questions you have. Rebecca wants to help you overcome fear and bring your message forward. In each issue, Rebecca will select 1 to 3 questions to answer.

Dear Rebecca, what options might you suggest for additional speaking opportunities? Whom may I serve? ~Dr. Cheryl Lentz, The Academic Entrepreneur

Dear Cheryl, thank you for your beautiful question about speaking opportunities!

This is a great question! My top suggestion is

to check out The Speaker Talent Search. You can find it at www.SpeakerTalentSearch.com One of the reasons I suggest this, is because this program has an application process that helps speakers get all their key information together and be ready for speaking opportunities. The 18 questionnaire is made up of the types of information people who have live stages want to know about potential speakers and potential guests to be interviewed on their shows. So, the process helps speakers powerfully position themselves while they are getting to have their message seen and heard by leaders who have radio show interview opportunities, podcast interview opportunities, live stage opportunities and the opportunity to reach more people outside of your current sphere of influence.

Secondly, I would recommend going to conferences, networking events, and programs that gather groups of the people you are wanting to connect with. These events are lovingly collecting groups of people for you all in one place. As you attend, look into the process to become a speaker or sponsor of that event/program and then follow the process suggested. Remember, you don’t have to build it all on your own...you can leverage with powerful programs, conferences and events that already have a nice following. Dr. Cheryl, I look forward to seeing you discover all the ways you can reach your people effectively and powerfully.

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