RHG Magazine & TV Guide Spring 2019 - Page 26

Here's another inside peek into the life of an inspirational woman who is lighting her world on fire ! Pastor Joyce is the pastor of Living Hope Community Fellowship. Noted in her community as a pioneer in her own right, the call to ministry informed her that the knowledge and gifting she possessed was needed in uncharted areas. Pastor Hall took on the awesome challenge of ministering to the lost. Blessed with a bounty of courage, the young and vibrant pastor wanted to

address the disease of hopelessness and transform urban communities by providing them with an opportunity to experience the life changing force of Christ. It was growing up in Hitch Village, a local housing project, that God placed deep within her the vision and zeal for the ministry that is now called Living Hope Community Fellowship.

Turn the page to meet this pioneering woman who who is seeking to get people into the Kingdom and the Kingdom into the people.

Meet Joyce Hall, Ordained Minister and Mother of Two Sons

~Share something you are passionate about:

Empowering women across generations for the Kingdom of God.

~What are some ways you are helping to bring this forward in the world?

I believe that we all come to crossroads not knowing what our next move will be. Many of times we just need someone who has the ability to listen, pray and provide tools and resources that will allow individuals to make sound decisions.

~~What are 1-3 tips you can give our reader today to help them step forward in their life powerfully??

Hopelessness comes from believing that time has run out. Having a sober mind will provide you all the time you need to plan your success.

Write out your success. Tell the ending of the story first, because it will become the fuel to keep you on track to obtain it. When you feel like it’s not moving, remember you still have a success to achieve.

Ask God for His opinion in your decision making. What better way to get the best advice than going to the one who created you?

~Describe something our readers

today can look forward to discovering in your book, Journey Back to Peace:

My testimony after the loss of my oldest son. This book journals the process and walk

(turn to page 27 to finish Joyce's story!)

it took to bring me back from grief to a place of peace. It will give a perspective that not all is lost when losing someone. We have the ability to live a life of peace and recovery.

~What tip or piece of advice can you share with our reader today to empower them to SHINE?

Tarnished silver needs to be polished. Restoration requires washing, scrubbing and buffing. Though you may feel that God isn’t there - that’s not so. He’s restoring you and making you to SHINE for His glory! His process requires your total submission!

~Any final thought, share, or idea that you would like to share with our readers today?

It’s never too late to change. Regardless of what today looks like, tomorrow will be better. Your goals are attainable when you take the time and list what you want to accomplish today. Every time you achieve your goal – celebrate it. It will motivate you to perform more.