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Watch for More Information about special event on August 24th: Summer Star!

If YOU could step out of the shadows to be the star of your life… what would you attract?

Join Rebecca Hall Gruyter and her line up of 4 dynamic speakers and discover how to turn fun into a way of life that gets you better results. Join amazing women and a few good men in this powerful, supportive and empowering community event. Enjoy the warm

community, great speakers, catered lunch, networking, visibility opportunities, and much much more. Come prepared to have fun, rejuvenate, learn and grow. Enjoy the warm community, great speakers, catered lunch, free massages, raffle prizes, and much much more.

For more information or to get registered, go to the event page at Your Purpose Driven Practice: http://www.YourPurposeDrivenPractice.com.

As a Mental Health Speaker Catherine M Laub’s campaign; "Brighten Your Day with Turquoise" uplifts us. She shares her journey with mental illness on her self-produced podcast, “The Celestial Spoon”. As talking to groups she inspires them to reach out for support if required. Catherine is also an Award-Winning Inspirational Author, Psychic/Medium and Turquoise Angel Guide.

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~Lee McCormick is a Creative Force in

The Mental Health and Recovery Scene.

Lee authored The Spirit Recovery

Meditation Journal to assist people in

reclaiming their lives

~Cecilia Karvegard: Fantastic! Awesome!

Amazing! Fabulous! Cecilia’s passion is to

inspire people not just to be fantastic but

to FEEL that they are fantastic.

~Monica Bennett, an empowerment

coach, teaches the laws of nature to live in

joy and harmony with yourself, the

community and the world.

~Michele Vismaya Rubin learned that

when we practice gratitude we open the

door for more happiness, joy,


and stronger


with the people

around us.

~In his book

Personal Power


Douglas Vermeeren created a blueprint

for overcoming limitations, bad habits

and beliefs so you can ascend to higher

levels of mastery, accomplishment and

financial attainment.

All of these guests are sharing their

modalities to help us all Thrive.

You can learn about all my inspirational

guests on The Celestial Spoon podcast.

In order to thrive I know I have to let

things go and clear my house a lot more

than I have already done so. What is in

your life that is blocking the ability to