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place in their journey. In addition, I will tell them as much as they want to know about the process to ensure they understand everything they will do and why. The more we know, the more we can make more appropriate and more effective decisions to help us get to where we want to go.

~Describe something our readers today can look forward to discovering in your book, The Refractive Thinker® Vol XVI: Generations: Strategies for Managing Generations in the Work Force :

Join Foreword writer, Dr. Greg Reid and contributing scholars as they discuss research on effective management of multiple generations in the work force, from Baby Boomers to Generations X, Y, and Z. The focus is on each of the generation’s unique and diverse aspects pertaining to employment and management. This volume will continue to shape the conversation of future success in business in leadership and management of personnel to examine proven strategies for continued excellence and profitability.

~What are 1-3 tips you can give our reader today to help them step forward in Every journey begins by taking the first step. My best recommendation is to dig deep to have courage to take that first step and find that special mentor and guide to help take these next steps with you, alongside of you every step of the way. No need to go it alone; no need to reinvent the wheel. Simply find someone who has done what you want to do and have them help you follow in their footsteps.

~Will you share a client success story?

As part of the Refractive Thinker® family we have more than 160 doctoral scholars around the globe. Several who have published with us have made tenure at their respective universities as part of their university publishing requirements; several have secured teaching positions at prestigious universities, several have published their own individual books, and several are now key note speakers. Magic happens when you share your gift with the world?

~What tip or piece of advice can you share with our reader today to empower them to SHINE?

Believe in yourself and surround yourself with people who believe in you. Many may doubt your commitment and resolve because they are not willing to do what you will. Inspire them, motivate them, show them what you can do. Publish your story to share with the world.

~Any final thought, share, or idea that you would like to share with our readers today?

The best part of publishing is the ability to be a life long learner. Learn something new every day. Inspire others to do the same. There is a world of amazing stories that can change our world. I plan to read them all!

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