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Here's another inside peek into the life of one of our authors and radio show

guests . Dr. Cheryl Lentz is an

International Best Selling Author, 18-time

award-winning Academic Publisher,

Keynote Speaker, Entrepreneur and

University Professor. You can find her

doing her thing as the CEO and Chief

Refractive Thinker® of Refractive

Thinker®. The purpose of the Refractive Thinker® Trademark Press is to get research off

the coffee table and out of the hallowed halls of academia and put that doctoral research

into the hands of business owners who can impact change. They want to help their authors'

expertise and valuable research have a greater impact while also positioning them as a

prizewinning authors and experts of influence. They aim to do that by publishing an

anthology of the works of multiple academic doctoral authors from around the globe in one

volume. They seek to publish at least one volume per year. Let's hear more from Dr. Lentz

about her vision and passion...

Meet Dr. Cheryl Lentz: The Academic Entrepreneur, Owner and CEO of The Refractive Thinker® Press

~Share something you're passionate about:

My passion is to unravel the

mysteries of the world of publishing

to help doctoral scholars

understand how to leverage

publishing as part of establishing

their credibility as an expert in

their respective fields. Many

publishers in cyberspace simply

want to sell publishing packages

and one size simply does not fit all,

particularly for the doctoral

scholar and college professor.

Publishing a book is just the

beginning of the journey where

guidance is needed to move forward

successfully and effectively..

~What are some ways you are

helping to bring this forward in

the world?

I begin work with all of my clients

with a strategy session. I help

understand their goals of publishing

to personalize all the amazing tools

I have to ensure we arrive at this