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development and management to a board of directors, employees and senior management. She found her talents of fundraising, strategic planning, project development, executive coaching and people management.

~Describe something our readers today can look forward to discovering in your book, The Art of Living – Lessons for a Liberated Life:

This book is a life coaching self-help book, giving the reader a real-life guide to a happy liberated life with essential skills, daily rituals, habits, behaviours and values that successful and happy people practice daily.

A real-life guide to A healthy mindset, A healthy body, Healthy Relationships, Healthy Finances, Healthy Soulful living and A Healthy Lifestyle. These 6 different sections of this self-development book will give you the reader in-depth lessons with practical exercises too. It aims to let you evaluate your life, be your own life coach and take action with my secret formula for happiness.

~Will you share a client success story?

I have successfully overcome relationship breakups, domestic violence, trauma, depression, anxiety, being a single mum, family issues, unhealthy relationships and health challenges and I share my valuable lessons and lessons that have helped others to give readers a different lens on life challenges and a sense of hope.

I explore the truth behind powerful transformations with my unique holistic approach, blending the wisdom of spirituality, psychology, and neuroscience with strategic coaching. Awakening women to solve their greatest problems and access their inner wisdom. As a life coach I am vulnerable, raw, and brutally honest in my writing.

Here's one comment I received earlier this year: “Hi Elaine, I just watched your video on Facebook about setting goals and got a bit emotional after hearing those words from such a strong independent woman. After starting a new job today and being so worried about it (as I worry about everything) and so down about my weight at the moment you have really inspired me to set goals and to achieve my weight loss. Keep doing what you are doing!” Victoria

~What tip or piece of advice can you share with our reader today to empower them to SHINE?

People make the most progress in their life when they have clarity, the right consistent approach and support from the right people. Elaine can help you seek clarity, get focused and take the necessary next steps with the right positive approach. Elaine loves shining the LIGHT in the darkest corners of your personal and professional life to empower women to rise and shine.

“You are much stronger than you think” Take control of your life and change your life story – be a diamond and let nothing break you. Shine bright. Thrive & Inspire.

~Any final thought, share, or idea that you would like to share with our readers today?

Many of us feel challenged in our daily lives with many life decisions. Investing time in our personal life, career, business and our dream life is crucial to managing your life in a unique and satisfying way.

Tell your individual story – it will inspire others. It opens doors to let others share their story and frees their heart and soul. It heals you and it heals others. It may touch others in the way you write it, the way you share at the right time. It can unlock someone else’s prison. One sentence may stick in a person’s head that can change their life forever.

For more information, Elaine can be reached at www.elitelivingacademy.com

elaine@elitelivingacademy.com * facebook@elitelivingacademy

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