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Meet Elaine Curry: founder of Elite Living Academy, Life Coach & Success Coach

Ready to be inspired by another amazing person? Here's another inside peek into the life of one of our authors. Elaine is the founder of Elite Living Academy. She is a qualified life coach and success coach with two decades of experience in personal and professional development, offering many uplifting empowerment

programmes and support packages. She attracts clients locally and globally and has a great passion for women empowerment, charity development, health & well-being and spirituality. Through her coaching, she inspires people to address challenges in areas of their personal and professional life. Her mission in life is to make a positive difference to someone every day - this drives Elaine to spring out of bed in the morning! She is very passionate about helping others through difficult circumstances and the go-to person for help, advice, clarity and direction. Let's hear more about her forthcoming book:

~Share something you are passionate about:

Liberating the Soul of a Woman. I am a strong advocate for mental health, developing and managing health and well-being programmes, supporting healthy ageing, building resilience, effective communication, practicing self-love and I love sharing the importance of liberating the soul of a woman.

Between the ages of 20- 38 I found myself spiraling into in very traumatic experiences – darkness and light and a rollercoaster of life challenges. I turned my adversity into my catalyst for my growth, with massive transformations that I share on liberating the soul of a woman.

~What are some ways you are helping to bring this forward in the world?

A book, 1-1 life and business coaching, women’s empowerment programmes.

Elaine reconnects people to their powerful life force, helping individuals, heart centred business and charities be successful. With her training and education in Psychology, Sociology and Health & Social Care this led Elaine to a career in the Voluntary and Community Sector where she provided effective support,