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launched to inspire women to learn how to be confident and live authentically to lead successful lives.

- Also, through various public speaking engagements; domestic and international.

~What are 1-3 tips you can give our reader today to help them step forward in their life powerfully?

1. You have greatness within you! Do not compare yourself or try to be like others. Your greatness will only be hindered from its brilliant radiance when we cover it or mask it with other people’s characteristics. Remove the mask. Tap into your innate, unique greatness and shine powerfully!

2. A vision without a goal is merely a dream. If we are not taking action, we are merely dreaming of what could be rather than creating what WILL be. Take action by creating power goals that you can break up into daily; weekly; monthly; and yearly goals to help you stay on track and

measure your progress. Also, remember to celebrate your milestones! Your journey should be empowering and celebratory, so if you run into any setbacks, you will be motivated to get back on track.

~Will you share a client success story?

Here is what a client recently shared with me during a wrap-up session of my success blueprint program, “I sought your help for career advice because I kept getting passed over for promotions in my department. I didn’t understand why it kept reoccurring. When I started your program, I thought we were going to focus on my career, but your program helped me see the problem was not my skills, but how I pursued or looked at opportunities and myself.’ The client used to put herself down or minimize her work and skills when she was around colleagues and senior management. As a result, the perception was my client was not interested in getting a promotion into a management role. During the course of the program, she discovered that she had a few long-held beliefs that were holding her back from reaching her full potential. When she learned how to eliminate the negative self-talk, present herself confidently in all situations, work or otherwise, she saw amazing results including getting the promotion she always wanted and truly deserves!

~What tip or piece of advice can you share with our reader today to empower them to SHINE?

Get outside of your comfort zone, grow and thrive becoming the person you were meant to be! You will then be able to move forward powerfully, making all of your aspiration comes true and bring your greatness forth each day.

~Any final thought, share, or idea that you would like to share with our readers today?

To aspire to our greatness means we have to live with and on purpose and be authentic!

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