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Meet Adrian Jefferson Chofor: ‘The Confidence Coach’ - Personal Transformation Strategist

Ready to be inspired by another amazing person? Here's another inside peek into the life of one of our authors.Adrian is a Global Personal Transformational Strategist building self-confidence in women to help them remove the mask and live authentically. She is the founder of Aspire2Inspire Transformational Practice LLC was founded to help woman feel empowered and build self-confidence so that they could live

~Share something you are passionate about:

I am passionate about helping women that are feeling disempowered find their voice, embrace their uniqueness, and learn to love themselves to live their lives authentically and confidently. I am convinced that everyone has greatness within them, but for various reasons, many do not know how to tap into it.

~What are some ways you are helping to bring this forward in the world?

- In 2016, I founded a successful coaching practice helping women build their self-confidence, find value and self-worth in their true selves so they will become comfortable in their own skin and live authentically.

- On October 18, 2018, my book ‘Aspire to Your Greatness!’ was published and is inspiring and uplifting women all over the world becoming an #1 International Bestseller!

- On April 22, 2019, my podcast, Aspire to Your Success! will be launched to inspire women to learn how to be confident and live authentically to lead successful lives.

-Also, through various public speaking engagements; domestic and international.

~Share with us the title of your Book:

Long Walk on a Dry Road

~Describe something our readers today can look forward to discovering in your book:

Long Walk on a Dry Road

live their best lives as their authentic selves. Our mission is to help women discover their WHY and strengthen their WILL so they have the purpose and confidence to WIN! Let's "meet" Adrian and hear more about what she brings to the world: