RHG Magazine & TV Guide Spring 2019 - Page 12

Spring Forward in 2018 was a huge success! For a

full day our attendees were immersed in our powerful,

supportive community of people – all looking to make

strides into a new year. They left feeling refreshed,

rejuvenated, and empowered to keep the new year's

momentum going towards their goals!

In addition to the catered lunch, heart-felt connection,

fun, and networking Rebecca had a line up of three

up of 3 dynamic speakers… with a special presentation

featuring the authors of the International Bestselling

anthology, Empowering You, Transforming

Lives. Of the 39 co-authors, several were able to join the event and shared how they also enjoyed the book, finding the experience of working together so empowering!

A Look Back on February's Powerful, Live Event: Spring Forward in 2019!

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